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Creating Your Reality

Creating Your Reality

Power Of The Heart

Power Of The Heart

Powers of Creation

Powers of Creation

Creating your own reality is a right that you have inherited at birth; it is a gift of free will that when not fully utilised is indeed a waste of a life time of numerous opportunities that were passed by. Life is what you choose to make it, first realising that many life changing choices actually do exist. Making the decision to start living the life you truly desire; the life that will bestow upon you the elements that make up your desired reality; one that will enable you to pursue the things you wish in order to create a life of true bliss. Never compromise your ideals or wishes.

The Powers of Creation

Live life in such a way that you will never have any regrets; harness the immense powers within you to create the life that you truly deserve. Take what is then make it what it can be.

The Power of The Heart

Harnessing The Power of The Heart is the most significant choice you will make in life. The heart is your most untapped resource with immense capacity to create and control your reality.

Be realistic with reality

Remember your potential

Don’t let others drive your destiny

You are always at the cross roads of your life; each moment is a turning point, a time of potential change, that is governed by your decisions; in that brief instant whatever you decide to do will change the course of your life forever.

The key driver in life is your perception

Perception drives reality

Perception is driven by belief in what you have perceived, As soon as you accept a thought as legitimate you set in motion the series of events that represent realities interpretation of those thoughts.

You can make it real by believing in it

Belief if the fuel that drives reality

Reality is an accumulation of what you wished for; open your mind to the numerous opportunities that exist for you. Through your beliefs, desires and imagination you create the structure for our future.

A Power Within

Fate will decides the future if you don’t

the powers of creation

Whatever makes it real

The key element to realising anything is a firm fundamental belief in being able to obtain without fail whatever that is. Believing in the outcome that you want.

A combination of strong intentions powered by belief is what drives your reality. Live the life you deserve by awakening to your abilities in order to make the Life that you choose, a heaven or hell on earth.