Heart based living

Always listen to the heart, those intuitive messages, that the heart consciousness has acquired from the environment as energy frequencies, then translated them into meaning that the mind can interpret in order to make choices and decisions on what is the best response to follow to or course of action to take.

Heart felt living

The art of living is of course to follow those strong heart felt desires, intuitions, and expectancies; trusting as well as believing that these will lead to the place in life where true bliss will be found. Living through the heart compass, to become aware intuitively of the best direction to take on life's many choices of paths, making the decision process clearer in order to face life more competently. In life some will always try to manipulate of others for some purpose that obviously suits them, the reasons may or may not be clearly obvious on the surface. Being in tune with the heart felt intuition enables one to be better equipped to determine any undisclosed indiscretions that other plan or are in the process of committing. The heart will find the best solution to resolve these situations amicably, with the least impact to either side.

Some interpret heart felt living to mean going back to basics, eating raw food diets, not eating the flesh of animals, yet this is not the case. Man's journey to this point is based upon evolution, not going back to past cultural means of nourishment. Of course one should always attempt to eat a healthy diet, wisely avoiding foods with chemicals that are unnatural or likely to cause imbalances and disturbances in the body. Wise life choices of what each of us feels best is a personal decision, that will always bring  the best possible end solution on a personal level at any given point in time. 'Living in the zone' used to be a metaphor for living in the heart consciousness state that is in perfect balance with the mind. Whenever there is a correct balance of any factors in life there is always harmony of the heart and mind to create a state of bliss, that brings peace and joy to any situation.

The Heart is the Key

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The Power of The Heart

Learn the techniques that enable you to open up The Power of Your Heart; giving access to the infinite potential possibilities that truly exist for you.

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Bring your heart power into play to create the things that you wish in your life through energising your desires with your heart energy.

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Utilising The Power of The Heart

Start to tune into the creative abilities of your heart for they are the essence of life; that will connect you to the most powerful creative frequencies available that will come to enable you to make your desires real.

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Achieving your heart's desires is the key to living a life of bliss. Learn to bring your heart alive, creating a passion for achieving the life of your dreams.

Keep tune with the intuitive abilities of your heart, for they indicate the essence of who you are as well as the person you wish to become.

Utilising The Power of The Heart is the most significant choice you will make in life.